First post!

I always put so much weight on the first post or page of anything. My notebooks piled up in my teenage years because I could not come up with anything I deemed worthy of the first page. It is the most critical part, where you make or break the interest of a reader. Even in a personal journal, that sort of authorship mattered to me. I find it nearly impossible to write for myself; there is always an unknown and unseen audience. I’m trying to get past all that. So here’s the first post. 

Who am I? 

I’ll keep it recent and brief, for now. I’m Kay. A lifelong New Englander, I recently graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor’s degree in English, a concentration in writing, and minors in history and geography. I finished in 3.5 years because student loan debt is very real and agonizingly stressful for a young adult. I studied every summer just to spare myself the extra semester of student loans (summer courses were discounted 30%). That’s over and done now, until grad school becomes a feasible option financially. For the first time in my truly conscious and aware life, my world is not completely structured by academia. Let’s be honest here…it’s terrifying. I needed 15 courses to complete my major, and exactly 0 of them taught me anything about how to get a job in this field. So I’m on my own! I just spent a month on a road trip through the southern US, and now I’m back in Vermont for the short-term and looking for any and all freelancing opportunities I can to keep me afloat while also building some semblance of a portfolio.

With the pressure of collegiate academics, I have not written for the personal pleasure of it in ages. This blog is my way of encouraging myself to continue doing what I used to love: researching, learning, sharing my views and takes on the world, and engaging with some sort of audience. What will I write about? Who knows! I’m an avid music and television lover, so maybe you’ll get an outdated post about my LOST theories or a ranking of albums by Frank Turner. I’ve been a professional dogsitter for over a year now, and the one thing I’ve learned above all is that every dog has a quirk. I’ve always thought it would be fun to write some feel-good stories about dogs, so here’s my opportunity! You never know where inspiration will strike, and you can’t force it either. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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