A letter to the next person that thinks of loving me

Let this not scare you, but be a symbol of my trust and openness. There is no point in keeping closed doors. Life is too short not to love wildly and fiercely when the opportunity comes. I don’t do casual meaninglessness, whether platonic or not. Time is a precious and non-renewable resource. There are aContinue reading “A letter to the next person that thinks of loving me”

Tales from Wo-Fan’s Land: Constance Markievicz

Back in August 2019, the wonderful Valerie Gritsch compiled Tales From Wo-Fan’s Land on her blog, History Is Important. It was a project inspired by English singer-songwriter Frank Turner and his album No Man’s Land, which features 13 songs inspired by women from history. You can take a look at Val’s introduction to the projectContinue reading “Tales from Wo-Fan’s Land: Constance Markievicz”

Interview with Harold Perrineau from 2013

I’m starting at the beginning with this blog, with a throwback to my writing career in its infancy. I wrote film reviews for my high school newspaper, and through the power of social media I created a few interview opportunities for myself. I’ve done some revisions of this article for this blog primarily to updateContinue reading “Interview with Harold Perrineau from 2013”